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What are Microfiber fabric ?


Microfiber fabric is made from micro fiber yarn, For example :75D*150D/288F

Refers to the warp is 75D polyester yarn, weft is 150D (denier), 288F (Filment) polyester yarn.

“D” is short for DENIER, a finesse expression for chemical fibers, and refers to the weight of 9000 meters of yarn, also known as DENIER. The larger the D, the thicker the yarn.

“F” refers to the number of fibers per yarn. The higher the number of F, the thinner each fiber that makes up the yarn. Conversely, the smaller the number of F, the thicker the fiber.

Sueding is just a post-treatment process, the cloth through grinding machine and emery skin friction, so that the surface of the fabric has a layer of short villi.

General fabric after pretreatment, cloth is very bright and clean level off, the ground is to use to wrap the MAO sand skin friction roller in the cloth of (depending on the fabric bag on different number of burning on, and surface roughness in sueding machine on the sand roller of high speed, to a certain tension, slowly through, cloth after six sand friction roller), cloth have thick hairs. This changes the structural properties of the surface of the fabric, creating a fluffy feeling, just like the skin of a peach.

Therefore, sueding finishing is also called peach skin finishing, grinding cloth is also called peach skin flannelette, or sueding flannelette. According to the strength requirements, the sueding can be divided into deep grinding, medium grinding or shallow grinding. Home textile enterprises will generally decide the degree of sueding according to the thickness of the fabric, product style, feel and other requirements.


Advantages of microfiber fabric :

1. Soft, comfortable, rich texture, strong sense of drape, easy to care, full suede.

2. The thermal conductivity of the woolen fabric is poor, and the warmth and softness are good!


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