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What is the Satin?


There are many kinds of fabrics, satin cloth is one of them. Usually one side is very smooth, the brightness is very good, which is called Bright satin. Specifications usually have:

  • 75×100D
  • 75×150D
  • 50×75D
  • 60×90D
  • 60×100D
  • 60×150D
  • 75×135D etc.

The satin is similar to five satin on the surface, but the density of satin is higher than that of five satin.

Satin cloth can have many materials such as cotton, polyester-cotton blended, or all chemical fiber; the processing technology of satin is complicated, so it also forms a variety of varieties, and there are different varieties.

The characteristics of satin fabrics: satin fabrics have a wide popularity, good gloss and drape, soft hand feel and silk-like effect.

What garments can satin fabrics be made into?

There are many varieties of satin fabrics, and there are certain differences in thickness and specifications. We can decide what kind of clothing to make according to the cloth itself. Generally speaking, satin fabrics have a wide range of uses, not only for making casual sportswear suits, but also for making bedding products.

Satin fabric is suitable for all kinds of women’s pajamas and underwear fabrics. Because of its popular light, good gloss and drape, and comparable to the effect of real silk, clothes made of this fabric are very comfortable to wear and very popular.

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